Fun Filled World Cross Country Championships in Kampala


Hundreds of Ugandans recently turned up at Kololo grounds for the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) World Cross country Championships in Kampala. Wild cheers and screams tore through the capital as Ugandans cheered especially when Kiplimo won. It will be interesting to see which path he takes in the coming years hopefully he will keep up the hard work.


The event was colorful and as temperatures started to rise because of the hot sun, Ugandans came to our Krystal Ice tent to enjoy our frozen healthy and nutritious ice pops to quench their thirst and cool off steam.20170326_155254

Uganda did extremely well in managing the event and showed good hospitality to the visitors.20170326_150121

A huge congratulations to Kiplimo, Team Uganda and the organizers of the first IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Kampala.



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