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As a health promoting business, we at Krystal Ice Limited(KIL) were glad to take part in the Kampala kids’ run on the 4th of December which was for giving back to the vulnerable community and in turn boost the health and fitness of children while engaging them in fun activities. We believe that being healthy, one has to have an active mind and body which is supported with a healthy diet and that is why we made the fruity ice pop. Our ice pops come in different flavors and are made from a number of organic fruits and permitted additives which makes them 100% healthy for both the children and adults, the flavors include; watermelon , apple, pineapple, orange and mango having an amazing taste that will thrill your taste buds leaving you yearning for more and more. The hot sun coupled with a great day’s run brought so many children and parents to our tent ready to cool off the steam, quench thirst, give satisfaction and rejuvenate their bodies with ice pops. Many kept coming back and we received many reviews of the ice pop taste being unbelievably great.


Krystal ice is supported by a great and enthusiastic sales team dedicated to their work, who worked tirelessly with  the masses of people to ensure that each and everyone got whatever they wanted and also kept the children entertained since a number of children took to the stage to dance and win ice pops and a number of gifts.img-20161206-wa0034img-20161206-wa0032

With all the entertainment and fun that day, we thank all of the parents and children that came to support the cause and also for buying our products and showing us so much love. We also thank the numerous companies that came through on that day for making it a successful event.


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